Your Majesty

Like an earthquake We witnessed Earth in awe Yielding to your grace For the power within Almost fractured gravity And the beauty of your existence Flooded the humble canyons   © 2013 ALIA SULTAN

Astral Drizzle

"…And for each scar, a star falls from the sky to heal you" She told him before they went to sleep Kissed his forehead and smiled   20 years from now, he gets up from his empty bed And counts the scars on his heart her absence left So deep and so dear He weeps... Continue Reading →

Suppressed 2

In their bedroom where all the worldly materials seemed to wither away, leaving room for their souls to rest in once and for all. He sat on their bed, reminiscing the times his parents argued on the slightest things, ending it with a laugh, or a hug, or perhaps a slammed door. He smiled, watching... Continue Reading →

The Son of Man

"He was crazy!" She said. In his room , you would see papers and random things scattered everywhere. His paintings weren't hanged at 180 degrees; they were somewhat tilted. The paintings that filled the walls of his room were strange, and the strangeness of them reflected in him. He had his own analysis to that... Continue Reading →


His feelings were like a pearl inside an oyster shell; safer locked away. He was never the type of man who found his way through words, he was rather safer being quiet. His grandchildren asked him about their grandmother, they have never met her nor knew what she was like. In the warm living room... Continue Reading →

Dear Dreamer

It was one of those days when all I wanted to do was seclude myself from everyone around me. As I did so, I locked my room's door, dimmed my light to allow my deepest thoughts to project on the walls- the walls that were a prison at some days, and others gates to the... Continue Reading →

Handcuffs Released

Every time she'd grab her pen to soak papers with ink that described that one person, her pen suspends and the chaos of words in her mind would turn into blank emptiness. "Good at expressing" her friends say, but not about him. That may be because, in addition to grief, her heart was filled with... Continue Reading →

Fireflies Vs. Humans

"'Let us dim our light' the leader commanded his fireflies army. What a bright plan it was, to test if humans' light would replace theirs. Millions of fireflies united in the sky, and the commander declared that it is timely for his army to exploit their energy for a brighter sky. Their light was too... Continue Reading →

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