A Letter to an Exile

I understand... I know what it's like to have a heart that pumps blemished, toxic blood. I know how it feels to hear a hammering sound that is a constant reminder of your ninety nine reasons of misery. I've also inhaled pain, it was concealed inside my veins and often appeared as angry monsters. Those... Continue Reading →

If You Lost Me

I wonder if you lost me Would you reach out for the distant triple stars to find me? Would you see my smile on Orion And remember the stardust that possesses my hair?   Would you trace me like a poet does to the last autumn leaf falling to write about loss?   Would you... Continue Reading →

You Are

A complicated puzzle A circle of questions With infinite circumference And incomprehensible answers   An exploding star; you are A raging soul, a burning sun   In broad daylight, you trace bliss You chase joy on faces of infants And beneath wrinkles of ageing faces You face the horizon, inhale twilight Then the sky wears... Continue Reading →

Flaws Which Glitter

At days I find myself facing my mirror Gazing into my flaws that seem so vivid "That's alright" my heart whispers I know that moonlight will never lose The path that leads to my scars Which are on the surface of my skin   I know that moonlight will seep into my heart Rest in... Continue Reading →

Chronicles of Thoughts

The farewells that I say Those which I am destined To never do without my will And the ones that I trace As a fading mist in a dearly face Are farewells that I fear the most   There are faces which I am bound to never cross Like a magical chapter Hasty to end... Continue Reading →


I get lost in twists and turns I encounter in my journey   In every twist I lose myself In every turn I find gold   My cries dissolve Into my smiles All in all I am madly and deeply in love with the artwork that I call "my life"   © 2013 ALIA SULTAN

Fire and Ice

Sunlight on Antarctica Burning the skin Of long buried corpses To bring them back to life Unfreezing frosty souls To give them wings Like never seen before   I conquered myself Excess oxygen inside It was an autumn of decay And now I hear them say: All spring trees envy her   © 2013 ALIA... Continue Reading →

Letters to the Moon

My letters might stray on their way My words might be unheard Among all those who whisper under the moon Deeply trusting our committed secret keeper   The stars might already know what I'd say For they heard it many times before And many times they'll hear it again I am a forever devoted Juliet... Continue Reading →

Unfolded: There was a Pearl

I have drifted from the road of large peony banks And fallen into an abyss of nonsense geometric shapes Which the centre was the illustration of my face In each and every nonsense shape At the bottom of the abyss was a vast ocean Unlike any other ocean Where there was a pearl in the... Continue Reading →

The Moon

You are suspended in the desert You wait for the moon to be full So all the monsters would hide And you'd continue your journey safely With a heart so full of light and power Of the only companion that is loyal   As it reveals itself naked in the skies Luminous and radiant in... Continue Reading →


Before the sun sets I will kiss the beautiful things farewell Because as seasons change I know I may not see them tomorrow   I will release the ugly things I held for too long And pray to forget   Before the sun sets I will embrace the air I breathe And hold on to... Continue Reading →

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