The Son of Man

"He was crazy!" She said. In his room , you would see papers and random things scattered everywhere. His paintings weren't hanged at 180 degrees; they were somewhat tilted. The paintings that filled the walls of his room were strange, and the strangeness of them reflected in him. He had his own analysis to that... Continue Reading →

The Sound of Silence

When you isolate yourself from those who surround you And all movement seems electrical to your blood When the heart chooses to be free From all the words that dagger its peace To get a step closer to discover the great self All you need is silence and darkness Because even silence has sound And... Continue Reading →

The Heart Decides

The heart that chose to embrace him can exile him He who was chosen yesterday to be a king in the heart Is today in the graveyard of the past © 2013 ALIA SULTAN


His feelings were like a pearl inside an oyster shell; safer locked away. He was never the type of man who found his way through words, he was rather safer being quiet. His grandchildren asked him about their grandmother, they have never met her nor knew what she was like. In the warm living room... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year !

What's a better way to take a break from studying for tomorrow's final exam than to dedicate a post to my dear followers? 🙂 I wish you a happy new year that is full of love and success, and more and more blessings to come. Remember: What wasn't a blessing in 2012 was definitely a... Continue Reading →

Electrical Love

Before her, he stands Admiring her physical frame With passionate, intense eyes   Under the flames of the sun The closeness of them Electrical, intolerable   Before her, he stands Inhaling, exhaling Harshly And they do not touch..   © 2012 ALIA SULTAN

Posting Beautiful Things

My dear followers, I will continue blogging in WordPress. But I wanted to inform you that I just created a Tumblr page where I will be posting the short version of my writings, quotes, pictures and a lot of other things. Please follow: 🙂 Alia

Delicate Flame

He was a powerful man who believed I should transform myself into a delicate flame. He taught me that the translation of thoughts into words is the most complicated thing to do; for sometimes we magnify an atom with our words, and at other times we summarize the chaos of thoughts in a couple of... Continue Reading →

The Magnificent Physicist

In the middle of the night When everyone hides She crawls under her blanket Confronting the thoughts within She shivers Reminisces Thinking about his four dimensions And the physics that drove him mad Beautifully mad   In the middle of the night When everyone hides She whispers his name Drizzling tears And it echoes under... Continue Reading →

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