I Hope it Rains on my Wedding Day

I hope it rains on my wedding day

and I hope he knows that my favorite

thing in the entire world is the purple

patches of bruises in the morning sky

and I hope he can taste the poems I

wrote for him burning on his lips after

I’ve kissed him, staining his mouth with

red lipstick and rotten cigarette smoke

I hope he knows that when I cry I don’t

want him to convince me that everything

will be okay, because he shouldn’t make

promises he can’t keep, but instead he’ll

remind me of the time we drove to the

beach at 2 in the morning simply because

we wanted to feel the ocean hugging

our naked bodies under the pale moonlight

and I hope that when we’re both in our

60’s he buys random plane tickets to

Paris, to Rome, to the little town buried

somewhere in the depths of Spain

and I hope he always makes my coffee

too sweet and leaves our bedroom window

open at night to let the air kiss our faces

and I hope that he’s curious about

everything just like i’m curious about how

his eyes remind me of constellations

and meteor showers i’ve never even seen


-Irynka (irynka.tumblr.com)

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